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The Wonderful West Fjords!

Iceland is hands-down, one of the most beautiful areas of the world, and it has attracted a good deal of attention for that reason.  But sometimes, Read More

LAMB Restaurant Reykjavik

We absolutely loooooove Lamb Restaurant in Reykjavik. This place is superb, lots of flavor, tons of fresh ingredients, and the absolutely nicest staff around. We love to cruise down on our WOW bikes, slide into their slick space, and rock one of Glenn’s Special salad (soooo good), and a killer Lamb in the Paddock. Try the sauces, build your own, you really cant go wrong.

Read More

Bastards Brew and Food

Bastards is a brand spankin’ new Gastropub in downtown Reykjavik with a kickin vibe.  Grab a  Read More

Mugged in Barcelona!

“I WILL F**KING RUIN YOU!”, I furiously shout at 3 men that attacked me today in Barcelona.  It did the trick, and they scurried off into the streets, probably waiting for the next sucker to walk down that road.  Then again, I screamed it pretty damn viciously, Read More

The L.A. Arts District

You’re sipping the best Californian wine, then washing it down with delicious local brews, then grabbing a bratwurst, no wait, a taco, no wait, ice cream, no wait, it’s time for shopping!  Ahh, deep sigh, Read More

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and Baby Wants Candy!

The UCB Theater is a comedy institution, igniting the careers of hundreds of famous performers.  It’s one of the best places to catch live comedy in Los Angeles, including the ever-talented Baby Wants Candy, serving up some of the best live improvised musical improv in the world, and make sure to check out their outstanding podcast as well!

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