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Stockholm Eats and Drinks

We’re gonna go ahead and say it: Stockholm is an underrated food city. From small noshes you can grab for your daily fika coffee ritual to some killer Viking fare that won’t disappoint, we were really impressed by the offerings in this city. On top of that, the bar scene here is thriving and you’re sure to find something that fits your style. From pétanque parlors on the water to skywalk watering holes that hover above the city, you’ll find Stockholm is a great place to hop up to the bar and grab a drink…

Welcome to Stockholm!

Welcome to Stockholm, the World’s Smallest Big City! We had an absolute blast here. Whether you’re spending time on the water, hopping from island to island, taking in the beautiful nightlife, or exploring the rich Viking heritage, you can’t help but fall in love with Stockholm. The Vasa Museum and Stockholm City Hall are two of the best places to visit in Europe, and yet when you come here, you’ll find out this city has so much more to offer. Whether you visit this “Venice of the North” during the midnight sun or the otherworldly winter days, we know you’ll have a great time in this city.

The Atomium

The Atomium is just one of those buildings you have to see for yourself.  At first glance, you think, “what a weird-ass building. Why would a city want  Read More

Mmmmm… Chocolate in Brussels!

There’s a damn good reason why Belgium exports over 400,000 tons of chocolate every year: It’s the best in the world!  The good news is  Read More

Beer in Brussels!

Belgium makes the best beer in the world, hands down. You wanna fight about it?! Oh, you do?  Whoa…. hey, why don’t you calm down there, buddy?  How about we Read More

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

When we walked towards the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, we didn’t have our hopes up.  I mean, yeah, it’s a big church, cool.  But as we stepped through the doors and found ourselves face to face with one of the largest mosiac installations in the Western Hemisphere,we knew we were witnessing something special.  Completed in 1914, and comprised of 41.5 million glass tesserae pieces, your jaw is guaranteed to drop, as you witness the largest mosaic outside Russia.  Take our word for it, it’s worth the trip.

The Locust District

St. Louis’ Locust District has a lot to offer, but we particularly loved Wellspent Brewing and the Fountain on Locust.  Serving up sweet treats and great food the way it used to be, The Fountain on Locust is the perfect way Read More

The Stasi Museum

Head just outside the city to the Stasi Museum, your go-to place to learn about life under the GDR in Berlin.  Located in House 1 Read More

Welcome to Brussels!

Brussels is the kind of brilliant city that has a ton going on, but doesn’t put on airs about it. It’s one of the most diverse cities  Read More

Rob Gets a Tattoo!

Berlin is a super special place. And when you’re in Berlin, you’ve got to go big. So of course, Rob decided to commemorate our journey by getting a tattoo Read More

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