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The Museum of Jurassic Techology

Nothing to see here, people, move along… (except this place is amazing.  We walked out of there saying two things: Read More

Soap Plant/Wacko – AKA The Weirdest Store in the World

Soap Plant and Wacko might truly be the weirdest and most eclectic store we’ve ever stepped foot in.  It’s part pop connoisseur megastore with over 10,000 items, part art gallery, but anyway you cut it, you’re bound to find some of the most bizarre and delightful things in the world.


The L.A. Arts District

You’re sipping the best Californian wine, then washing it down with delicious local brews, then grabbing a bratwurst, no wait, a taco, no wait, ice cream, no wait, it’s time for shopping!  Ahh, deep sigh, Read More

Los Angeles Beach Guide!

L.A. has some of the world’s most iconic beaches, and among our favorites are Santa Monica, Venice, and Hermosa.  They each Read More

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and Baby Wants Candy!

The UCB Theater is a comedy institution, igniting the careers of hundreds of famous performers.  It’s one of the best places to catch live comedy in Los Angeles, including the ever-talented Baby Wants Candy, serving up some of the best live improvised musical improv in the world, and make sure to check out their outstanding podcast as well!

ROK Restaurant Reykjavik

ROK is one of those places that WOWs you before you even enter the door. The restaurant itself was an old residence, that was gutted and fitted with a beautiful modern decor that is pure Iceland. The next WOW moment is the staff; one nicer and more lovely then the next, there to make sure that your culinary journey is well traveled. The menu is the crescendo to this firework display of dining delight, with such options as mango infused salmon and reindeer on a cloud of blue cheese. The dishes are artfully prepared, and are sharable, making this a fun type of Icelandic tapas meant for exploration and discovery. Top it off with a killer cocktail program and some to die for sweets, and you will be rocking ROK proper.
Frakkastígur 26a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
+354 544 4443

L.A. Museums

L.A. has some of the funkiest museums in around, from the vivid Museum of Neon Art, to the funky Museum of Selfies, to the hypnotic Candytopia, to the absolutely batsh*t crazy Museum of Jurassic Technology, you can go on a wild odyssey into the mind like no other.  Top that all off with the Getty Museum with it’s expansive art collection and one of a kind gardens, and you’ll see why L.A.’s museums scene isn’t to be missed.

No Place like Downtown L.A.

With L.A. being known for it’s beaches and neighborhoods, it’s easy to forget that it has a spectacular downtown scene.  From Grand Central Market’s  Read More

LA Drinks

There’s no shortage of great watering holes around LA, but Adults Only, Jones’ and Mama Loves You are Read More

The famous Hollywood Boulevard

Take a stroll down the famous Hollywood Boulevard, and you’ll see some of the most iconic sights in the world, as well Read More

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