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Welcome to Edinburgh!

Edinburgh is perhaps the most magical city in the entire world. Walking through the curiously nook filled streets and set against a dramatic skyline nestled among seven hills, you’ll find Edinburgh to be one of the most inviting cities in Europe. With inviting nightlife, a booming food scene, and one of the best arts and culture scenes around, you can get lost in Edinburgh and not ever want to be found again….

Berlin DDR Museum

To really take a trip back to East Germany during the Cold War, look no further than Berlin’s exceptional DDR Museum.   It’s perhaps the most interactive museum experience we’ve seen, and you can touch, move, explore, and wear nearly everything inside for a totally immersive experience.  Grab a seat at the couch and watch a working tv where all the channels are cold war era shows and propaganda.  Visit the kitchen and print off recipes to take home and try yourself.  You can even hop in the back of a Russian car and get smuggled across a virtual border!  You can be a part of it all here, and that’s what makes the DDR Museum a must-see in Berlin.

Drinking in Berlin!

Want to see a bar that hasn’t closed it’s doors once since 1979?  Want to try a delicious bloody mary served in a ketchup bottle? How about the single most eclectic rooftop bar we’ve ever seen?  Then stop what you’re doing and make your way to Berlin, Read More

AmsterDamn That’s Good Food!

It’s an understatement to say were pleasantly surprised by the food offerings in Amsterdam.  Delectable cuisine from all over the world? Check.  Local favorites like the best Appeltaart you’ve ever eaten? Check.  And walking Read More

Aerial Amsterdam

Amsterdam contains over 160 different canals spanning over 100 kilometers and 1700 bridges.  This incredible city is made up of over 90 different islands, which has earned this city Read More

Amsterdam’s HotelSchool The Hague

One of our more unusual hotel stays was at the HotelSchool, where you are waited on by hospitality students as part of their education.  Each of the hotel rooms are run by prospective employees of real hotel chains, and man, I gotta tell ya, the service here was perfection.  All of these young college students, so excited to be there, so much to look forward to, not being burdened by the weight of the world yet…….oh yeah, and the breakfast buffet was great!

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