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Boston. Baseball. Baked Beans. Ben Affleck. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States with a rich history that can be seen on every corner. Despite its old roots, it is a modern town, teaming with world-class food and drink in every neighborhood. We go deep into this red brick metropolis to discover some of the more off-the-wall attractions like the world's largest (and only?) stained glass globe, large enough that you can walk in it, a hidden library that houses a very unique book bound in human flesh, and a bookshop tucked away in a tiny alley where you can find some real treasures. Of course we hit up some breweries and baseball along the way, so come on and let's check out Bean Town together!


Fire Side
Walk It
Cab It
Early Birds
Night Owls

Boston 360 Degree Tour

What does a day as a WOW air travel guide look like in Boston? Hop on in this 360 video and experience it for yourself…

Aloft Boston Seaport

Any visit to America’s Walking City is going to need some down time, and the Aloft hotel in the Seaport District is a  Read More

Independence Wharf Observation Deck

Just a quick elevator ride off the Harborwalk, you can hop up to the top of Independence Wharf for great birds-eye views of  Read More

Boston Public Market

There’s a little bit of everything tucked into Boston Public Market.  Step outside of the tourist mania for a minute and step into  Read More

Boston Athenaeum

Hiding among the aged tomes and timeless sculptures in the famous Boston Athenaeum is a special volume. Hmmm… Why don’t you take a closer Read More

Boston in InfraRed

Ever wanted to see what America’s Walking Town looks like in infrared? Well then, kick back, relax, Read More

The Lawn on D

Unleash your inner kid at The Lawn on D, in South Boston.  Get some sun, play some games, and fight for one of the coveted Read More

Caffe Vittoria

Head to Boston’s Little Italy, and visit the oldest Italian café in the city: Caffe Vittoria.  Come for the best Italian coffee Read More

Fenway Park

What is there to say?  There’s no place like Fenway.  It’s the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball and home to the garbage Read More

The Brattle Bookshop

Head with us down to The Brattle Bookshop, a dumpy alley where you can grab antiquarian volumes or $1 cheap finds.  And we catch up with the owner, Ken,  Read More

Boston is home to the oldest public park in the U.S.
A deadly wave of molasses once flooded the North End.
The first U.S. subway was built here.
America's first with execution took place in Boston, not Salem.
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