Welcome to Berlin!


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Berlin DDR Museum

To really take a trip back to East Germany during the Cold War, look no further than Berlin’s exceptional DDR Museum.   It’s perhaps the most interactive museum experience we’ve seen, and you can touch, move, explore, and wear nearly everything inside for a totally immersive experience.  Grab a seat at the couch and watch a working tv where all the channels are cold war era shows and propaganda.  Visit the kitchen and print off recipes to take home and try yourself.  You can even hop in the back of a Russian car and get smuggled across a virtual border!  You can be a part of it all here, and that’s what makes the DDR Museum a must-see in Berlin.

Drinking in Berlin!

Want to see a bar that hasn’t closed it’s doors once since 1979?  Want to try a delicious bloody mary served in a ketchup bottle? How about the single most eclectic rooftop bar we’ve ever seen?  Then stop what you’re doing and make your way to Berlin, Read More

The Stasi Museum

Head just outside the city to the Stasi Museum, your go-to place to learn about life under the GDR in Berlin.  Located in House 1 Read More

Rob Gets a Tattoo!

Berlin is a super special place. And when you’re in Berlin, you’ve got to go big. So of course, Rob decided to commemorate our journey by getting a tattoo Read More

Berlin Food!

Berlin is one of the true international cities of Europe, and it has the breadth of amazing food to match.  From great healthy choices at Prinzessinnengarten, otherworldly vegan donuts at Brammibals, to Middle Eastern delicacies at Konak Grill, Kumpir, and Fes.  Berlin offers everything from delightful burgers out of men’s bathrooms below trains, to locally sourced perfection at Nobelhart and Schmutzig.  Dive in and ENJOY!

The Berlin Wall

Take a walk with us down one of the most fascinating pieces of history in all of Europe.  The Berlin wall stands as a powerful reminder of a troubled history, and has become a poignant mural that is sure to move you.

Welcome to Berlin!

Berlin… man. If Germany is the stodgy old guy yelling to get off their lawn, Berlin is the cool kid with a whisky flask and a pink mohawk flippin’ em off. Oh yeah, and the mohawk is on fire. This intro video will kick off some of our favorite videos from incredible Berlin, so gird your loins, my babies.  We went deep into Berlin and turned the town inside out. Cool museums, crazy good restaurants, great friends and drinks, we’re just glad we made it out in one piece. What can you expect? Some tattoo action… a peek at one of the greatest restaurants in Berlin (that doesn’t allow cameras), and crazy drinks that come in a ketchup dispenser… Let’s get after it!
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