Barcelona... amazing. Of all the places I think we both decidedly think that we can easily spend the rest of our unworthy lives living among the cool cats in this Catalonian capital. Barcelona transcends quality of life; the food here is to die for, the wine, exceptional, the beaches epic, the parties orgasmic, and the people, well, the people are just plain dope. We absolutely love this golden city by the sea with it's amazing architecture, delicious nibbles, and fun loving atmosphere, and cant wait to show you more.


Fire Side
Walk It
Cab It
Early Birds
Night Owls

Barcelona in 360

Barcelona is one of the most colorful and lively cities in the world, and there’s no better way to check out the city than with a 360 cam on a selfie stick at the end of Roberto’s arm.  Enjoy.

Mugged in Barcelona!

“I WILL F**KING RUIN YOU!”, I furiously shout at 3 men that attacked me today in Barcelona.  It did the trick, and they scurried off into the streets, probably waiting for the next sucker to walk down that road.  Then again, I screamed it pretty damn viciously, Read More

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