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AmsterDamn That’s Good Food!

It’s an understatement to say we were pleasantly surprised by the food offerings in Amsterdam. Delectable cuisine from all over the world? Check. Local favorites like the best Appeltaart you’ve ever eaten? Check. And walking Read More

Aerial Amsterdam

Amsterdam contains over 160 different canals spanning over 100 kilometers and 1700 bridges. This incredible city is made up of over 90 different islands, which has earned this city Read More

Amsterdam’s HotelSchool The Hague

One of our more unusual hotel stays was at the HotelSchool, where you are waited on by hospitality students as part of their education. Each of the hotel rooms is run by prospective employees of real hotel chains, and man, I gotta tell ya, the service here was perfection. All of these young college students, so excited to be there, so much to look forward to, not being burdened by the weight of the world yet. Oh yeah, and the breakfast buffet was great!

Amsterdam’s Museums

It’s no secret that Amsterdam loves their museums, and with good reason! Take a stroll along the canals and visit the inimitable Van Gogh museum, the heart-wrenching Anne Frank Museum, or the truly world class Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum. And if all this gets to be a bit too heavy, definitely do some of the more light-hearted ones like the KattenKabinet, where you can pet the displays. Just don’t do that in the Van Gogh Museum. They really didn’t like that.

Amsterdam BOAT LIFE!

The canals of Amsterdam are one of the most iconic sights in all of Europe, with 165 canals and 1,700 bridges combining to form a truly unrivaled sightseeing experience. The feeling of renting a boat and taking it to the open water, making friends on the shores and boats as they pass by, is one of our favorite experiences on this entire trip. Come aboard, matey, and see why this is one of our favorite experiences in the world.

Grab a Drink in Amsterdam!

From De Pijp to De Biertuin, Amsterdam has some of our favorite places to kick back a few on your vacation. And you simply must take a trip to Wynand Fockink to get one of their special glasses of ginever, which they’ll fill up to the brim cause they like you. When we saw the label said “ginever,” we said “Oh! This must be gin,” after which we were immediately scolded and told that gin was originally invented here and “brought back to England where they made a whole mess of it.” Sounds like you gotta head to Wynand Fockink to get to real stuff.

Welcome to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is the best of both worlds. Here you can pair the unrivaled beauty of a 17th century Golden Age city center with a cruise along pristine canals and tilted gabled buildings. You can combine a visit to the world’s most awe-inspiring museums with a trip to the red light district, taking part in things that would make your grandma take your name out of the will. So grab a bike or a boat, but let’s dive in and see what Amsterdam has in store.

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