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Barcelona’s Incredible Nightlife

Get. Your. Dancing. Shoes. On.  We’re headed to Dirty Monday.  That’s about all you need to know.

La Manual Alpargatera

Since 1940, La Manual Alpargatera was the first espadrille workshop to fashion espadrilles.  This is the real deal, authentic Barcelona fashion we are talking about here, people. All of their espadrille shoes are handmade. Most of their shoes are created in our shop, but all the rest is created in Spain. Their workshop/storeroom is definitely worth checking if you’re looking for Barcelona tradition that will turn heads when you head home.



La Graciosa Wine

La Graciosa is a fabulous natural wine shop tucked away in Barcelona’s Vila de Gracia.  If you’re in the mood for some local natural vino, grab a seat at the bar, order up some tapas, and get ready to learn a ton about what makes this Mediterranean region so special.

Barcelona’s Beaches

National Geographic once called Barcelona “The best beach city in the world”, beating out the likes of Miami, Sydney, and Rio.  That’s high praise, and with good reason:  Barcelona’s beaches are incredible.  We walked all along Platja de Llevant to the W Hotel, strolling by volleyball games, dancing, and sunbathing.  It’s definitely one of the most special beaches in all of Europe.

Barcelona’s Food Scene

The food scene in Barcelona is an embarrassment of riches.  From starting your day off right with a healthy, hearty breakfast at La Esquina or Citizen, to dining on delicacies at Bar Mut, El Nacional, and Cañete, to stopping by some of the locals’ favorite spots at La Malandrina and Mercat de St. Josep de la Boqueria.  Barcelona has such a wide range of incredible offerings, you can eat well every meal of the day.  Enjoy!

Barcelona’s Museums and Architecture

Barcelona has one of the best museum and architecture scenes in all of Europe.  In this episode, we are going to cover the majestic Barcelona Cathedral, the MEAM Modern Art Museum, the Fundacio Joan Miro, the Castell de Montjuïc, and some of Gaudi’s most magnificent works that you can find all over the city, including the breathtaking La Sagrada Familia.  To perfectly round out your trip, may we also recommend Museu Picasso and Park Güell.

Barcelona’s Bar Cañete

If you have only have time for one meal in Barcelona, you have to make it Bar Cañete.  This place does tapas the right way.  It will have just the right amount of hustle and bustle, and the absolute friendliest and funniest waiters in the city.  But of course you didn’t come for that, now did  you?  No, you came for the food, and the dishes here are UN-FOR-GET-A-BLE.  Grab a seat, get a glass of wine, and enjoy some of the most succulent dishes in the Barcelona.

Welcome to Barcelona!

Come watch us play a joke on our absolute favorite city on this entire trip: The inimitable Barcelona.

The Incredible Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

In all of our travels, we’ve never encountered anything remotely like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Every August, the city is flooded with so many incredible works of art, it seems as though the streets are running with beautiful works.  In fact, it would take you over 5 years to watch every performance at just one year’s Fringe Festival.  We had great luck, and we didn’t catch a single bad show on our trip.  Just hop over to one of the ticket booths and see what’s on tap, we’re sure something will strike your fancy.  And when you need a change of pace, simply head out to the absolutely electric city streets.  There’s nothing like the Fringe in the whole world, so soak it up….


Shows Featured in the video:

David Carl’s “Trump Lear” –

Peter Michael Marino’s  “Show Up! Kids!” –

Richard Templeton’s “The Piece” –

Kate Berlant –

Margrét Erla Maack’s “Full Moon Cabaret” –


Edinburgh’s Famous Scotch Malt Whisky Society!

Laid end-to-end, the 99 million cases of Scotch exported each year would span from Edinburgh to New York – six times.  Yes the world loves Scotch Whisky, and with good reason, but it isn’t all created the same.  To make sure you get the best stuff in the world,  you can trust the experts at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Leith.  What started as a group of whisky connoisseurs in a living room in Edinburgh has turned into a global society on a quest for the best single barrel and single malts in the world.  A quick note: the society is a member’s only establishment, so make sure to join before your trip and you can enjoy the benefits of the society all around the world!

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