The Incredible Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

In all of our travels, we’ve never encountered anything remotely like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Every August, the city is flooded with so many incredible works of art, it seems as though the streets are running with beautiful works.  In fact, it would take you over 5 years to watch every performance at just one year’s Fringe Festival.  We had great luck, and we didn’t catch a single bad show on our trip.  Just hop over to one of the ticket booths and see what’s on tap, we’re sure something will strike your fancy.  And when you need a change of pace, simply head out to the absolutely electric city streets.  There’s nothing like the Fringe in the whole world, so soak it up….


Shows Featured in the video:

David Carl’s “Trump Lear” –

Peter Michael Marino’s  “Show Up! Kids!” –

Richard Templeton’s “The Piece” –

Kate Berlant –

Margrét Erla Maack’s “Full Moon Cabaret” –


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